Our Department Division

Injection Molding Machines

Total of 23 units range from 100 tonnage – 260 tonnage

Including Nissei from Japan, Lanson Hybrid Injection Molding Machines, Chen De and Haitai from China

Toothbrush Tufting Machines

Zahoransky tufting machine from Germany – most successful tufting machine in the world

Complete with few units of High Speed Fully Automatic Robotic tufting System

Production Capacity up to 4-5 millions pcs of toothbrush per month

In House Mould Department + 3D prototype copier machine

With our extensive mould building standards, coupled with in-house mould flow capabilities, you can be assured that we will deliver the best possible mould for your new product. After your mould is in serviced with us, it is meticulously maintained throughout its production life as part of our robust tooling preventive maintenance program.

Using the 3D-printing materials ever created, we have the capability to produce rapid fully functional prototypes in-house for you to confidently make testing before making actual tool/mould.

Packaging & Assembly Line

In house Blister Pack Machine, Ultrasonic Machine, OPP Packing Machine and Hot-Stamping Machine

Apart from manufactures plastic injection moulds and makes plastic parts, but we also offer additional, value added services to help you get your parts finished, assembled, and even packaged.

Services including blister packing, ultrasonic sealing, stamping, vacuuming, printing and other form of packaging, etc.

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